Let`s Get Glowing

Lets Get Glowing


Time To Get Glowing

So Dermaplaning, what’s the deal?
If you’ve ever wanted smoother, brighter, healthier looking skin, with zero downtime, no discomfort at an affordable price, then a Dermaplaning facial treatment could be just what you are looking for.
by Lizzie Reid RGN, Clinical Director & Aesthetics Practitioner on 31st Dec 2020dermadaysaesthetics.co.uk 

The Benefits Of Dermaplaning 
Dermaplaning offers many benefits for the skin including:

• The removal of the dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) on your face will help your skin look smoother and younger.
• Your skin will be brighter and take on a special glow after dermaplaning.
• If you wear makeup, you will find that your makeup will go on smoothly and you will not see blotches and uneven patches of skin.
• Dermaplaning is non-invasive and so unlike other procedures, your skin is not harmed or traumatised in any way.
• It is helpful for people who have excess hair and breakouts.
• No chemicals are used. So there is no “downtime” as would be in the case of a chemical peel for instance.
• Dermaplaning is can also increase the effectiveness of acne treatments as it improves the absorbsion of topical products.
• Dermaplaning can help with the appearance of enlarged pores. Pores are the openings in your face from where hair emerges. When there is excess build up of dirt and oil along with the hair, the pores appear bigger.

How is it done?
Dermaplaning is performed with a sterile surgical blade, gliding gently over the skin with no discomfort or trauma caused. 
Skin is prepped with a medical grade skin disinfectant that is pH neutral, dermatologically tested, and contains no alcohol, parabens or fragrances. 
After the treatment, nourishing serums and creams are applied with the option of an oxygenating face mask to enhance the process.
A high factor SPF of at least 30 is always recommended post treatment and sun exposure to be avoided.It’s definitely time to get your glow on!

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