Will I look too done

Will I Look Too “Done”

So you are interested in having an Aesthetics treatment but are scared it will look too obvious 
As popularity in Aesthetics treatments continues to grow it is completely natural and understandable that you may be reluctant due to the fear of it looking too “done” or obvious.

You may want to enhance certain features or disguise and correct others but you feel like everyone will know and you will end up with a generic look that’s unnatural in appearance.

Whilst obvious enhancement might be some people’s aim, there are a large proportion of you that simply want to just look fresher, more rested and simply more comfortable with your appearance. 

Dermadays Aesthetics has always been a massive advocate of the “natural but noticeable” approach. That sort of “wow they look great but I can’t quite put my finger on why” feeling.

5 ways to ensure the results you hope for from your Aesthetics treatments
Have an honest and open consultation with your Aesthetics Practitioner       
Be clear about your treatment goals. Treatments should never be generic and your Aesthetics Practitioner can discuss suitability of your desired treatment.

Be realistic in your expectations 
Sometimes it is surprising just what it takes to achieve a desired outcome and sometimes people vastly underestimate how much product will be needed for even the most subtle of results and may be left disappointed after erring too much on the side of caution through fear of looking over done.

Understand your budget 
Be honest and realistic about how much you are wanting to spend on your Aesthetics treatments. Is it a one off treat or part of an ongoing treatment course? How long will the results last before the treatment may need to be redone to maintain results?With achieving the more subtle end of results then a little and often approach is often what is required and this can have cost implications.

Don’t let other people’s opinions of Aesthetic treatments effect you decisions 
Only you can decide if Aesthetics treatments are for you and not only should you never be pressured into them, don’t let the haters put you off either. They are not you and chances are they have never had treatments themselves and are basing this notion on a misguided representation of what Aesthetics treatments can achieve.

Do your research 
Above all other advice is to research your treatment and only go to a trusted healthcare professional for your Aesthetics treatments. Your health and wellbeing are far too important not to.

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